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The actor famous for his portrayals of Superman on television and the silver screen. After becoming disfigured in a fire during filming, Reed blames Superman and becomes insanely jealous that he has real powers while Reed can only pretend. Using a wig and a mask to hide his difigurement, Reed continued his career of playing Superman until in July 1972 he was able to use black magic to place a pentagram on his palm which would cause he and Superman to exchange minds after they touched palms. After inviting Superman to his cliff-top mansion, Reed shook Superman's hand causing their minds to switch bodies, but Reed was unable to control the Super-mass of Superman's Kryptonian body and inadvertently made himself very heavy causing his house to begin to collapse. Superman tricked Reed into taking his hand, and the pentagram once again switched their minds giving Superman his own body back. He saved Reed but was unable to prevent Reed's house from falling into the sea. Superman promised to help Reed get plastic surgery and the two shook hands as friends. (Act No. 414/1 July 1972 "Superman vs Superstar!")

Superman performed Reed's plastic surgery himself using advanced Kryptonian technology and gave Reed a new face identical to his own. Reed, who even mimicked Superman's voice, dedicated his life to making apperances on behalf of charities. When Superman was unable to visit a sick girl, he gave Reed a pill that gave him some super-powers for 12 hours so he could perform super-feets for the girl.

In March 1975 Reed was accidentally attacked with a ray by the Superman Revenge Squad who mistook him for the real Superman. Seeing their error the Squad then shot Superman with the ray which would cause him to die after he performed ten super-feets. However, Superman was on to their plan and gave Reed another super-pill so he could perform five feets for Superman while Superman performed five of his own. Reed then pretended to die causing the Superman Revenge Squad members to believe that they have suceeded, and they returned home where they were killed for their failure by other members of the Squad. (Act No. 445/1 March 1975 "Count Ten, Superman... and Die!" )

When Superman was transformed into a double of Terra-Man, Reed once again impersonated Superman with the aid of the Flash and Green Lantern who performed super-feets for Reed invisibly. (Act No. 470/1 April 1977 "Even Superman Must Die Sometime")

In August 1977 Gregory Reed appeared on an episode of the Midnight Show with Johnny Nevada as one of seven guests who'd all been believed to be Superman at one time. (Act No. 474/1 August 1977 "Will the Real Superman Please Show Up?")

Appearances: Action Comics #414, Action Comics #445, Secret-Society of Super-Villains #7, Superman #297, Action Comics #470, Action Comics #474, Superman Family #206, Superman #396, DC Comics Presents Annual #4

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