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Green Arrow

Oliver Queen, formerly a rich playboy, fights crime as the Green Arrow, the world's greatest archer (first appearance: More Fun Comics No. 73, Nov 1941: "Case of the Namesake Murders"). The Green Arrow is a member of the Justice League of America along with Superman.

DC Comics Presents No. 54 Cover art by Don Newton and Dick Giordano

JLA teammate Black Canary is Queen's crime-fighting partner and girlfriend. Teen Titans member Speedy is his former sidekick. Green Lantern is a close friend.

Oliver Queen first meets the future Superman when both are teenagers. Shortly after Superboy has seen the future Green Arrow in action and learned his secret identity via a machine which allows the Boy of Steel to see and hear the past and the future, young Clark Kent (secretly Superboy) is startled to find that Queen has transferred to Smallville High School and is now his own classmate. Having seen that Green Arrow will be a master archer—but observing that young Oliver is far from proficient with a bow and arrow—Superboy sets out to help Oliver without informing him of his future as a superhero (Adv No. 258, Mar 1958: "Superboy Meets the Young Green Arrow!").

Green Arrow has appeared in the following Canonical Tales

  • Adv No. 258, Mar 1958: "Superboy Meets the Young Green Arrow!"
  • S No. 149, Nov 1961: "The Death of Superman!"
  • Act No. 314, Jul 1964: "The Day Superman Became The Flash!"
  • S No. 173, Nov 1964: "The Triumph of Luthor and Brainiac!"
  • S No. 192, Jan 1967: "The Brat of Steel! [Clark Kent's Super-Son! part 1]"
  • S No. 192, Jan 1967: "Once There Was a Superman! [Clark Kent's Super-Son! part 2]"
  • S No. 199, Aug 1967: "Superman's Race With the Flash!"
  • S No. 203, Jan 1968: "Superman's Black Magic!"
  • S No. 236, Apr 1971: "The Doomsayer!"
  • Act No. 437, Jul 1974: "Magic is Bustin' Out All Over!"
  • Act No. 441, Nov 1974: "Mystery of the Wandering Dog!"
  • Act No. 443, Jan 1975: "At Last! Clark Kent--Superhero!"
  • Act No. 449, Jul 1975: "Green Arrow's Amazing Arsenal!"
  • Act No. 455, Jan 1976: "Junkman--The Recycled Superstar!"
  • DCCP No. 20, Apr 1980: "Inferno from the Sky!"
  • DCCP No. 54, Feb 1983: "The Price of Progress!"
  • Act No. 546, Aug 1983: "Showdown!"
  • Act No. 583, Sep 1986: "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?"

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