Gorilla Grodd

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Gorilla Grodd

A villainous member of a race of super-intelligent gorillas that live in Gorilla City on the continent of Africa (first appearance: The Flash No. 106, Apr/May 1959: "Menace of the Super-Gorilla!"). By June 1973, Grodd had been imprisoned by the Flash in a special prison that forces him to walk constantly on a moving treadmill. When the force field that conceals Gorilla City from the world is destroyed exposing it to humanity, Grodd escapes.

Solovar, the leader of Gorilla City, is more concerned by the fact that Gorilla City will now be discovered and travels to the United Nations to make formal relations between his city and the rest of the world.

Grodd confronts Superman who eventually defeats him with Solovar's aid. This time Grodd is placed in a prison that keeps his mind occupied so that he can not even think (Act No. 424: "Gorilla Grodd's Grandstand Play!").

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