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A general in the American Revolution and the first President of the United States. See Superman I, Superman II, and Superman III. The George Washington of Act No. 339 was of a different reality and lived a very different history.

George Washington has appeared in the following stories

  • SB No. 2, May/Jun 1949: "George Washington's Drum!"
  • SB No. 75, Sep 1959: "How Krypto Made History!"
  • Act No. 274, Mar 1961: "Supergirl's Three Time Trips!"
  • Adv No. 297, Jun 1962: "The Bizarro Who Goofed Up History!"
  • Act No. 399, Apr 1971: "Superman, You're Dead... Dead... Dead"
  • S No. 283, Jan 1975: "One of Our Imps is Missing!"


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