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A general in the American Revolution and the first President of the United States. See Superman I, Superman II, and Superman III. The history of George Washington of Act No. 399 was of a different reality and the character lived a very different history.

George Washington has appeared in the following stories

  • SB No. 2, May/Jun 1949: "George Washington's Drum!"
  • SB No. 75, Sep 1959: "How Krypto Made History!"
  • Act No. 274, Mar 1961: "Supergirl's Three Time Trips!"
  • Adv No. 297, Jun 1962: "The Bizarro Who Goofed Up History!"
  • Act No. 399, Apr 1971: "Superman, You're Dead... Dead... Dead"
  • S No. 283, Jan 1975: "One of Our Imps is Missing!"


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