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The Frankenstein Monster

The Frankenstein Monster has appeared in many of Superman's chronicles both as myth and beyond...

In February 1961, Bizarro becomes enraged when, while watching a television program beamed from Earth, he sees a promotional announcement for a forthcoming movie that hails the Frankenstein Monster as the "world's scariest monster." Shaken and humiliated by this challenge to his primacy as history's "champion monster," Bizarro leaves the comfort of his Bizarro world and streaks angrily toward Earth, determined to frighten the wits out of Frankenstein himself if need be in order to establish once and for all, beyond any doubt, that "Bizarro Number One am also Monster Number One!"

Arriving in Hollywood, where the forthcoming Frankenstein movie is being filmed, Bizarro sets out to restore his good name by scaring everyone in sight. However, it is only an actor playing the part for a film and thanks to a series of events set-up by Superman, Bizarro fails to scare anyone (S No. 143/3: "Bizarro Meets Frankenstein!").

In June 1961, Bizarro Junior creates a memorial to famous monsters which is based on the Mount Rushmore National Memorial and which includes the faces of the Frankenstein Monster, Witch-Queen, Wolf Man and of course Dracula (Adv. No. 285/2, Jun 1961: "The Shame of the Bizarro Family!").

In October 1961, Bizarro announces that he will create a new Bizarro World TV series about "Great Heroes of Past" such as the Abominable Snowman and the Frankenstein Monster. After traveling through the time barrier into Earth's past to learn about these great "heroes" in order to write stories for his new television show, he accidentally manages to inspire a young woman named Mary W. Shelley to write the great novel Frankenstein (Adv No. 289/2, Oct 1961: "Bizarro's Amazing Buddies!").

On Earth-T there exists a monster who is a dead ringer for the legendary Frankenstein Monster and is part of the dreaded Monster League of Evil who battles Earth-T's mightiest mortal Captain Thunder (S No. 276, Jun 1974: "Make Way for Captain Thunder").

In February 1980, the Phantom Stranger mysteriously intervenes in Superman's battle with Dracula and causes both Dracula and his servant the Frankenstein Monster to be whisked away to a place he describes as "They have been returned to the only world where they truly belong—the world of nightmare!" (S No. 344: "The Monsters Among Us!").

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