Flame Dragon

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Superman No. 142 artwork by Curt Swan and Stan Kaye

Flame Dragon

A gigantic, bat-winged, dragon-like creature native to the planet Krypton which "roars deafeningly" and belches flame "from its nostrils and gaping jaws." By January 1961, after somehow having survived the explosion of its native planet, a Kryptonian flame dragon has arrived on Earth, where, endowed with awesome super-powers like any native of Krypton in Earth's atmosphere, it runs amok, setting a forest aflame with its hellish "fire-breath" and threatening the entire planet with havoc and destruction until finally, after it has been temporarily deprived of its powers by exposure to Red Kryptonite, Superman freezes it into "a great mass of ice" with a blast of his "super-cold breath" and then hurls it into orbit beyond the planet Pluto, where it will remain frozen forever in suspended animation (S No. 142/3: "Flame-Dragon from Krypton").

In February 1962, Earth is menaced by a second Kryptonian flame dragon, this one a "baby dragon" hatched from an egg laid by its predecessor, until finally Superman seizes it and carries it across the time barrier into the prehistoric past, where it will be able to live out its life alongside other gigantic creatures without posing a threat to human life (S No. 151/3: "Superman's Greatest Secret!").

In April 1965, a third Flame Dragon is summoned with an invention of Professor Potter's by Jimmy Olsen to fight Titano after Jimmy persuades a Hollywood producer friend of his to let him write, direct, and star in a science fiction film (SPJO No. 84/1: "Jimmy Olsen's Monster Movie!").

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