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This article attempts to clarify how the difference between the Earth-1 Superman and the Earth-2 Superman is handled on Supermanica.

Supermanica is unique among superhero encyclopedias in our concept of Earths 1 and 2. We limit the continuity of the wiki to certain specific Superman-related titles published from 1938 to 1986 which are listed on the canonical sources page. Instead of working from continuity as it has been explained outside the books, we conceive of the universe as it is presented within these "canonical" comic books. Earth-1 and Earth-2 and what they mean are inventions from outside those books. We only incorporate facts stated within those issues.

For instance, if one were to actually sit down and read Superman issues 1 through 423 in one sitting, one would read about a single character named "Superman" whose continuity evolved around him but who was always one character who just had different adventures from month to month. It was never stated within the books themselves that the reader was reading about the "Earth-2" Superman nor suddenly about the "Earth-1" Superman. "Earth-2" itself was never mentioned in the books, nor even conceived of, until the 1960s. Only events or concepts that are mentioned in the comics themselves are part of this wiki. We are inside the books looking out, not outside looking in.

More info and discussion about this can be found here.

Please feel free to participate in the forum or to discuss these issues here. Do not hesitate to raise any questions or concerns you may have. Constructive contributions to Supermanica are welcome and appreciated.

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