Earth-X (Freedom Fighters)

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Earth-X (Freedom Fighters)

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A Parallel-World on which the Second World War lasted until the 1970s (first appearance: Justice League of America No. 107, Sep/Oct 1973: "Crisis on Earth-X!"). This world was ravaged by the Axis powers until the war was brought to an end by Earth-1's Justice League of America, Earth-2's Justice Society of America and Earth-X's own Freedom Fighters. This world is not to be confused with the "Earth-X" which is the home of Steelman (SPJO No. 93/1, Jun 1966: "The Batman-Superman of Earth-X!").

In October 1983, the Freedom Fighters come to Earth-1 to prevent neo-Nazis from destroying the U.S.A.'s most precious documents. On Earth-X, such an act crushed the spirits of the American people and helped the Nazis to prolong the war (DCCP No. 62: "Born on the Fourth of July").

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