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DCCP No. 23 Artwork by Ross Andru and Dick Giordano

Doctor Fate of Earth-2

Powerful mystic super-hero from the parallel world of Earth-2 (first appearance: More Fun Comics No. 55, May 1940).

When Kent Nelson was a young boy, his father, an archaeologist, was killed while the two were exploring a ruin in the Valley of Ur, when Nabu—a powerful alien sorcerer—was resurrected and accidentally killed Kent's father. Nabu, feeling guilty, decided to teach Kent Nelson about the world of the occult. When the young Kent Nelson entered adulthood as a master of magic, Nabu gave him a blue and yellow costume with a golden helmet, and thus the superhero Doctor Fate was born. Dr. Fate is a founding member of the Justice Society of America.

In 1971, Superman consults the wizard to see if he can remove his vulnerability to magic. However upon arrival on Earth-2, the planet is threatened by aliens and defeating them requires that Dr. Fate cast a spell on Superman that allows him to fight them. Superman realizes that he cannot be helped by a hero with magic if he is immune to magic himself, so he decides to decline Fate's treatment (WF No. 208, Dec 1971: "Peril of the Planet Smashers").

Doctor Fate appeared in the following Superman comics

  • WF No. 208, Dec 1971: "Peril of the Planet Smashers"
  • S No. 252, Jun 1972: "The Fire Murders!"
  • DCCP No. 23, Jul 1980: "The Curse Out of Time!"

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