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Diana Prince is the secret identity of Wonder Woman.

Upon arriving in America, the newly christened Wonder Woman was in dire need of a way to watch over the injured Steve Trevor. As fate would have it, she met a young army nurse named Diana Prince who was heart broken over her separation from her fiancee Dan White. The young Amazons noticed her striking resemblance to the nurse and proposed an identity swap. This would, of course, be the perfect solution to both the dilemas, since the Amazon Princess was a trained nurse herself. An exchange of money was made and both parties went on their separate ways.

While Earth-2 Diana Prince remained a career military officer, Earth-1 Diana Prince went through a series of jobs. They included the Air Force, NASA astronaut, UN Travel guide and boutique owner. Eventually both Dianas would marry their respective Steves and the Earth-2 pairing would see the birth of a daughter, Lyta.

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