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Daily Planet

Max Fleischer Daily Planet Building
Clark Kent.jpg

A crusading metropolitan newspaper located in the city of Metropolis. Editor-in-Chief Perry White keeps news hounds Clark Kent (Superman), Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen hard at work to find "scoops" (exclusive stories) for the paper. The architecture of the building itself is rather unique as it has a huge globe with the letters "Daily Planet" spanning it's circumference. There are also two landing pads for "The Flying Newsroom", a helicopter on The Planet's roof. Another unique feature to the Planet building is it's surplus of empty storerooms wherein Clark Kent can change to Superman.

The metropolitan daily newspaper which employs Clark Kent as a reporter for more than three full decades, until January 1971, at which time Kent departs the Daily Planet to become a full time newscaster for Metropolis television station WGBS (S No. 233: Superman Breaks Loose”).

Described as "the biggest paper in Metropolis”(S No.73 Nov/Dec 1951: "Perry White vs.Clark Kent!”) and as Metropolis’s leading newspaper (S No.6 0,Sep/Oct 1940; and others), the Daily Planet has an unparalleled reputation for fairness and accuracy (S No. 41/3, Jul/Aug 1940: “A Modern Alice in Wonder land”; and others) and has ‘millions of.. readers” (S No. 83/8 Jul/Aug 1953: ‘Clark Kent--Convict! The newspaper’s precise circulation has never been stated; But in April 1961 the Daily Planet celebrates the sale of its five-billionth copy (S No. 144 "The Super-Weapon!”).

The Daily Planet is headquartered in the Daily Planet Building (Act No, 36; May 1941; and others), a large skyscraper situated in downtown Metropolis at the center of Planet Square, the so-called “crossroads of the world” (Act No: .77, Oct 1944: “The Headline Hoax!; and others). Owned at least for a time by Metropolis millionaire Ebeneezer Walker (Act No. 214, Mar 1956: "Superman, Super-Destroyer!"), the building features an electric news sign that encircles the top most story (Act No, 229, Jun 1957: “The Superman Satellite”).

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