Carl Bogart

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The foreman of a plantation on Pogo Island, an island inherited by an American girl named Nan Wilson several years ago. When Nan visits the island in September-October 1941 – in the company of her fiancé Niles Grant, Clark Kent, and Lois Lane – a mysterious native witch doctor incites the local natives to a series of attempts on their lives on the ground that they are “evil spirits” who must be destroyed. The witch doctor, however, is none other than Bogart himself, who is determined to prevent Nan and her friends from discovering that Pogo Island is in reality “a secret refueling base for a country at war” from which foreign submarines regularly sail forth to “prey on merchant marine in these neutral waters!” “I am in the country’s pay,” explains bogart. “It was my job to keep people off this island...!” Bogart and the foreign troops who man the secret submarine base are ultimately apprehended through the heroic efforts of Superman (S No. 12/1).

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