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A sailor blessed with great strength who is a friend of Superman and "protector" of Clark Kent. Strong lives in Metropolis Harbour aboard his boat, the Fantasia.

Capt. Strong first encounters Superman in February 1973. While ocean diving he discovers an alien plant resembling green seaweed. This plant, known as Sauncha, grants the Captain super-strength but has the unpleasant side-effect of inducing a berzerker rage. After a series of battles, Superman finally restores Strong to normal, admonishing him to refrain from Sauncha in the future (Act No. 421, Feb 1973: "The Fantastic Feats of Captain Strong").

Superman and Strong reunite to rescue Strong's fiancee Olivia Tallow from the clutches of the brutish giant Carnox, in reality an alien who needs Sauncha to restore him to normalcy (Act No. 439, Sept 1974: "Too Big to Live!").

Much later, the shape-shifting alien Drxyla attempts to save her people using Sauncha but mistakenly battles Strong and Superman (S No.361, Jul 1981: "Stowaway From the Stars").

Among Strong's other aquaintances are his "friend" J. Wellington Jones, his father Pappy Strong , and his arch-enemy the Old Lady of the Sea (Act No.566/1, Apr 1985: "Traumas In the Bahamas").

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