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Commonly referred to as "The Chronicles"

Only occurrences in the following sources are referenced in Supermanica. This list of canonical sources has been agreed on by the current editors of Supermanica.

AbbreviationTitle [issues]
ActAction Comics [1-583]
AdvAdventure Comics [103-424]
BLBlack Lightning [1-11]
DCCPDC Comics Presents [1-97]
DCCPADC Comics Presents Annual [1-4]
DNASDaring New Adventures of Supergirl [1-12]
LSOKLast Son of Krypton
LGLuthor's Gift
MFCMore Fun Comics [101–107]
MMMiracle Monday
NSBNew Adventures of Superboy [1-54]
NYWFNew York World's Fair Comics [1-2]
SBSuperboy [1-196]
SGSupergirl [1972 series, 1-10]
SG2Supergirl [1983 series, 13-23]
SSuperman [1-423]
SASuperman Annual [1-12]
SFSuperman Family [164-222]
SSSuperman Special [1-3]
SPJOSuperman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen [1-163]
SGLLSuperman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane [1-137]
WBWorld's Best Comics [1]
WFWorld's Finest Comics [2-323]
WKWorld of Krypton [1-3]
KCThe Krypton Chronicles [1-3]
SSYSuperman: The Secret Years [1-4]
You may also run across:
80PG80 Page Giant
TGSBThe Great Superman Book

How to use an abbreviation:

(WK No. 1, Jul 1979: "The Jor-El Story!")


World of Krypton issue #1, cover date July 1979. The name of the story contained in the issue is "The Jor-El Story!"

if a comic book contains more than one story, a / appears after the issue number followed by which story it is in the issue. For example,

(Adv No. 283/1, Apr 1961: "The Phantom Superboy!")

means Adventure Comics #283, cover date April 1961, from the first story in the issue, "The Phantom Superboy!"


(S No. 233/2, Jan 1971: "Jor-El's Golden Folly!")

means Superman #233, cover date January 1971, from the second story in the issue (in this case, a back-up feature), "Jor-El's Golden Folly!"

Important: If you are entering a new article at Supermanica from another source, please only use The Great Superman Book or write your own article using the comic books themselves as reference. Do not copy the new article from other online encyclopedias.

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