Blacky Blake

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The leader of a gang of criminals who, having transformed himself into a look-alike for the state penitentiary warden through the miracle of plastic surgery, has engineered the kidnapping of the real warden and then taken his place at the prison as part of an elaborate scheme to plant a listening device in the cell of convict "Larceny Luke" Damon for the purpose of ascertaining the whereabouts of $1,000,000 worth of "valuable radioactive minerals" stolen by Damon from "a hospital supply center" but never recovered by the authorities.

The scheme hits an unanticipated snag, however, when Blake discovers that, by special arrangement with the warden and governor, Clark Kent has allowed himself to be convicted and sentenced on a bogus blackmailing charge in the hope that, as Damon's cellmate, he might uncover the whereabouts of the missing loot for the authorities. When Damon finally does confide the hiding place to Kent in the belief that Kent, like himself, is a hardened convict, Blake overhears the vital information through his listening device and promptly concocts a scheme to kill Clark Kent in the act of "escaping" to ensure that he and his henchmen will be able to recoer the loot before Kent can report its location to the authorities. Unbeknownst to Blake and his henchmen, of course, Clark Kent is secretly Superman, and he easily thwarts the murder scheme, apprehends Blake and his cohorts, and rescues the kidnapped warden from the villains' clutches (Act No. 323, Apr 1965: "Clark Kent in the Big House!").


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