Bizarro-Jimmy Olsen

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Bizarro-Jimmy Olsen

In August 1961, Jimmy Olsen is "bawled out" by Daily Planet editor-in-chief Perry White for turning in stories that simply aren't interesting enough. After leaving the office, he spots Bizarro, with a duplicator ray in one hand and the hand of a Bizarro clone of Perry White in the other. He soon finds out that Bizarro has cloned Perry White to run his homeworld's newspaper, the Daily Htrae and he joins the two in a spaceship ride to the Bizarro World.

While on the ship, Bizarro-Perry White hires Jimmy Olsen to work for the Daily Htrae. At first he refuses, but after Bizarro threatens to throw him out into space he reluctantly accepts. Olsen's run at the Daily Htrae proves to be unsuccessful, since he turns in sensational stories that are unpopular with readers. (Daily Htrae readers prefer more ordinary stories, such as: "MARSHMALLOWS GET TOASTID IN THEATUR FIRE; THEM SURE TASTE GOOD!" or "TWO BIZARROS ARRESTID FOR SWEEPING DIRT!")

Though his career is a failure, Jimmy Olsen is soon rewarded with a marriage proposal from a Bizarro-Lois, whom he is then ordered to marry. In order to avoid marriage, he slips into a laboratory and creates a duplicate of himself, who then objects to the wedding. Thus, Bizarro-Jimmy Olsen is born (Adv No. 287/2: "Jimmy Olsen's Kookie Scoops").

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