Bash Bashford

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Bash Bashford


Bash Bashford is an egotistical Smallville High School sports star who gains incredible strength after eating bananas from a red sun world (fruit gathered by Superboy and meant to save the life of an alien white gorilla). Bash doesn't have the knowledge or ability to be a real super hero, despite his own and other's overblown expectations of his prowess, and he must defer to Superboy when a real emergency threatens the Earth (first appearance, SB No. 157, Jun 1969: "Get Lost Superboy -- Who Needs You?!").

Young Clark Kent is further tormented by Bashford and decides to use a small dose of kryptonite to remove his powers so that he can challenge him as an equal. Clark bests him in a fight and in football, but must regain his powers at cost to his own health to save Bash's life after a gridiron mishap (SB No. 161, Dec 1969: "The Strange Death of Superboy!").

Bashford also appears in NSB No. 7, Jul 1980: "This Planet is Condemned!" and NSB No. 9, Sep 1980: "Day of the Lost Clothing!".

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