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A notorious "wanted racketeer"—the man responsible for the recent theft of a "secret atomic cutting-torch" capable of cutting through literally anything—whose capture by Superman in August 1956 comes as the culmination of an elaborate ruse, devised by Superman, in which Superman pretends to have become suddenly transformed into a greedy "super-miser"—gathering fabulous treasure from the four corners of the Earth and hoarding it inside a gigantic mountain treasure cave sealed with a virtually impenetrable "super-steel door"—so that he can entice Art Shaler into attempting to use the stolen torch to cut his way into the treasure cave and thereby apprehend him (Act No. 219: "Superman's Treasure Hoard"). The story is in many respects similar to Action Comics No. 176 (Jan 1953: "Muscles for Money"). (See Million-Dollar Marvin.)

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