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The "evil advisor" to the good King Saffro--the ruler of an undersea kingdom located far beneath the surface of the sea--and the mastermind behind a sinister scheme to invade the land world by using the “great beam-forces” emitted by a special "tower" to send the ocean waters roaring down upon Earth’s cities, so that he and his warriors can ride the mighty waves into the cities to carry out their campaign of conquest and destruction.

Alerted to Akthar’s impeding treachery by the red-haired Princess Kuella, King Saffro’s lovely mermaid daughter, Superman demolishes the diabolical tower, thus forcing the inundating ocean waters to recede from the cities, and then hands a stunning defeat to Akthar and his band of undersea warriors. Pursued relentlessly by Superman as he flees desperately back toward the safety of the undersea city, the fanatical Akthar finally takes his own life, along with that of every last member of the undersea kingdom, when he deliberately detonates a titanic explosion that obliterates the entire kingdom in a cataclysmic eruption of falling water (S No. 14/3, Jan/Feb 1942).

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