Air Wave (Hal Jordan)

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Air Wave (Hal Jordan)

Air Wave and Superman teamed against the Parasite

Harold "Hal" Jordan is the son of the original Air Wave (Larry Jordan) (first appearance: Green Lantern No. 100, Jan 1978: "Rider of the Air Waves"). At a young age, Hal discovers that he is able to transform his body into electromagnetic energy. Teenaged Hal becomes the new Air Wave a number of years after his father is "gunned down in his own home, protecting his family" (DCCP No. 55, Mar 1983: "The Parasite's Power Ploys!"; and others).

After a number of adventures--solo and alongside Green Lantern (secretly Air Wave's same-named cousin, Hal Jordan), Green Arrow, Black Canary, the Atom and Aquaman--the new Air Wave teams with Superman against the Parasite and Casey Jones in Air Wave's hometown of Dallas, Texas (DCCP No. 55, Mar 1983: "The Parasite's Power Ploys!").

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