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The easiest way to add a new article is:

Enter the name of the article you'd like to create in the search box on the left of this page and press Go. If the article already exists, you'll be taken to it. If the article doesn't exist yet, the search results page will contain a 'create an article with this title' link that will take you to an edit page for entering the new article.

1. Please double check your spelling, though; read through the conversion guidelines at Supermanica:Help; and consult the list of canonical sources. Please think carefully about the name of the article before submitting it, entering a re-direct later is not helpful and adds unduly to the database storage capacity and ease of searching by entry.

2. It's also important to note that the name you type is case sensitive. ie, Superman is not the same as SUPERMAN, so be certain you use standard capitalization.

3. Supermanica uses the present tense when referring to accounts of stories. While incidents of the past that are recounted but not shown in comics qualify for past tense, practically all cases call for summarizing comic plots as if they are actively happening (for example, "Superman saves Lois before attending to Luthor" - not "Superman saved Lois before..."). Supermanica also makes no editorial judgment or comments on stories other than noting conflicting accounts in the canonical sources (without prejudice). For example, writer's opinions, editorial comments, or later ideas about continuity are outside of the stories and are not included in entries on Supermanica. The question of the "multiverse" is tricky, so reading this LINK should be helpful.

4. Supermanica is intended to be encyclopedic and eventually span the entire pre-Crisis history of the "Man of Steel". Entries that cover new material, adventures, people, planets, villains, and much more are entirely welcome. However, one-time references to alias names, common locations, or objects do not need to be hyperlinked and made into new pages if they are well-explained in the original article. For example, if Jimmy Olsen adopts a stage name as a musician in one story about a villain, it is usually better to add that stage name as a detail on the villain page, and later, if important, reference it on the "Jimmy Olsen" page. This is preferable to creating a brand new page just to refer to this small bit of information.

5. Categories are useful for grouping information. However, too many categories or categories that are too specific are confusing and begin to elude the memory of contributors. Rather than decide to add a new category, please use the "Talk" pages to discuss it beforehand.

6. The "Talk" pages for entries are very useful on Wiki sites - it is how contributors commmunicate, agree, disagree, and work out solutions. Please check the "Recent changes" section of the navigation bar on Supermanica (on the left-hand side of every page), especially when adding many entries at once.

Important: If you want your article to show up on the list of Supermanica Entries, you need to include it in the "Entries" category by adding a line that reads [ [Category:Entries] ] at the bottom of the article.

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