Zoll Orr

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A scientist of the planet Xenon—a perfect look-alike for Superman's father Jor-El—who befriends Superman upon his arrival on Xenon in February 1958. Zoll Orr is the father of Kell Orr, a young man who bears an uncanny resemblance to Superman. When Superman decides to remain for a time on Xenon to battle a wave of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions there, Kell Orr flies to the planet Earth, where, by agreement with Superman, he impersonates Superman and carries out his various super-heroic duties—including the capture of a gang of criminals led by fugitive racketeer "Sparkler" Staines—until Superman summons him back to Xenon to help him rescue the planet from impending destruction (S No. 119: "The Second Superman!" chs. 1-3—"The World That Was Krypton's Twin"; "A Double for Superman"; "Superman's Mightiest Quest").

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