Zephyrmore Building

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The Zephyrmore Building

A Metropolis office tower secretly owned by Lex Luthor. The 16400 square foot penthouse of the building operates as headquarters for Luthor [see Luthor's Lair] and his team of scientists. The building has 53 floors but only 52 are listed in the lobby elevator. As well, the exterior of the building is shielded, causing the casual observer to believe that the top floor is an ordinary penthouse, not a super-criminal fortress, brimming with weapons and scientific devices (LSOK).

"The Zephyrmore Building was rented and maintained by the Coram Management Company, who were retained by Zephyrmore Properties, Inc. Zephyrmore kept the building on a 99-year lease from Barryville Tool and Die Industries, which was a dummy holding company owned by Thunder Corporation. The Chairman of the Board and principle stockholder of Thunder Corporation was a publicity-grabbing, billionaire playboy named Lucius D. Tommytown who did not really exist, never did exist, but was the creation and puppet of Lex Luthor."

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