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The Weapon-Master

An alien who assaults Earth with a variety of futuristic-technologies, including a weapon that makes the residents of the planet mindless zombies (as well as Superman) (WF No. 273, Nov 1981: "In the Citadel of the Weapon-Master!"). Batman uses a machine in the Fortress of Solitude to give himself the super abilities to resist the Weapon-Master's mind control, but at potential cost to his own life. The evil villain is repulsed, but leaves behind a cache of his weaponry (WF No. 274, Dec 1981: "Greater Love Hath No Man").

The Weapon-Master returns to conquer and enslave the Green Lantern Corps, leaving the Guardians and Superman to stop him (DCCP No. 60, Aug 1983: "Battle for the Universe!").

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