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The head of a family of six—i.e., Vall and his wife, their two young children, and Vall's elderly parents—from the far-distant planet Skar who, having viewed Superman through a special scanner on their home planet, journey to Earth in March 1956 to ascertain whether Clark Kent, whom they know to be Superman, is also their long-lost cousin, a space pilot from Skar who has been missing in outer space for the past ten years.

On Earth, where Vall and his family are endowed with super-powers similar to Superman's, the Valls quickly establish that Superman is not their long-lost relative after all, but their decision to spend some time visiting Kent anyway makes Superman apprehensive that their close association with Clark Kent, added to the fact that they possess super-powers, may pose a threat to the security of his secret identity. Rather than ask the friendly, well-meaning aliens to cut short their visit, Superman instead uses his powers to locate the Valls' missing cousin on the distant planet where he has been stranded, so that before long the Valls leave Earth voluntarily for a reunion with their long-lost relative (S No. 104/3: "The Super-Family from Outer Space").

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