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Hi, Telle. I just want to point out that Steven Snapinn was already covered in two entries at Supermanica, Steve Snappin and Little Leaguer. That said, I just noticed that your entry is the only one of the three to spell the boy's name correctly! Perhaps the "Steve Snappin" entry should be replaced with your entry with a link to the "Little Leaguer" entry. Alternatively, info from all three could be consolidated under either "Steven Snapinn" or "Little Leaguer". -Dr. Johnny Diablo

Thanks Telle,

I didnt't catch those typos, maybe I shoudln't update while I am sick?


--Super Monkey 16:11, 31 March 2006 (EST)

And why are you deleting my article?

It was a major event that featured the Pre-Crisis Superman.

It occured within the 1938-1986 period.

It was heavily pivotal to the character.

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