Thornton Blakely

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Thornton Blakely

Thornton Blakely

Thornton Blakely is the owner of a accident-prone mine where Superman rescues Stanislaw Kober, a trapped miner.

While being interviewed by Clark Kent, Blakely refuses to pay a pension to the worker who was crippled in his unsafe mine, and also refuses to acknowledge its dangers.

Later, in an inspired idea to liven up a boring party, Blakely asks Superman, disguised as a miner, to lead the party to the mine. After arriving, the Man of Steel attacks the wooden tunnel-supports, making it cave in, blocking the exit tunnel. The mine owner then tries to activate the electric signal on the safety device, but it is inoperable. Trying desperately to get out, the party-goers tire out trying to dig through the blockage and fall asleep. Superman then tears down the barrier and permits the miners to rescue the group.

Several days later, Blakely reports to Clark Kent that his mines will be the safest in the country and the workers the best treated (S No. 1/3, Jun 1939). (TGSB)

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