The World's Finest Team

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The World's Finest Team

Your two (or three) favorite heroes together in one adventure! From World's Finest Comics No. 71, 1954.

Unofficial name for the crimefighting partnership of Superman, Batman and frequently Robin. Superman first works with Batman to apprehend John Smilter. In the process, the two heroes learn each others' respective secret identities of Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne (S No. 76/1, May/June 1952: "The Mightiest Team in the World!"). Robin (Dick Grayson) is subsequently entrusted with Superman's secret identity, and vice versa. Bruce Wayne's trusted manservant Alfred Pennyworth is also privy to Superman's true identity.

The World's Finest Team works together for many years (WF. Nos. 71-196; 202-323, Jul/Aug 1954-Sep 1970; May-1971-Jan 1986; and others), with Superman and Batman both becoming founding members of the Club of Heroes (WF No. 89, Jul/Aug 1957: "The Club of Heroes!") and the Justice League of America (Justice League of America No. 9, Feb 1962: "The Origin of the Justice League!").

In addition, Robin sometimes teams with Superman's pal Jimmy Olsen as the Olsen-Robin Team (WF No. 141, May 1964: "The Olsen-Robin Team versus "The Superman-Batman Team!"; and others), and Superman's cousin Supergirl becomes a close friend of Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) (WF No. 169, Sep 1967: "The Supergirl-Batgirl Plot"; and others).

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