The Water Sprite

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The Water Sprite

A hideous green monster, part man, part fish, that makes its appearance in March 1945, creating a potentially disastrous break in the Annisdale levee and later attempting, albeit unsuccessfully, to demolish the Annisdale dam as part of its self-proclaimed mission to wreak retribution on those who would "choke off the free flow of nature's water."

In reality, however, the Water Sprite is Kenneth Darby, the most vociferous advocate of the need for a new dam and the supplier of the building materials for its construction, whose pose as the Water Sprite is part of an elaborate scheme to convince the citizens of Annisdale of the urgent need for a new dam, to reap windfall profits by providing substandard materials for its construction, and finally to destroy the dam prior to its completion in order to prevent the townspeople from discovering that the use of inferior materials would have caused the dam to crumble anyway soon after it was finished. The Water Sprite is ultimately exposed and apprehended through the heroic efforts of Superman (Act No. 82: "The Water Sprite!"). (TGSB)

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