The Washington Monument

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The Washington Monument

A magnificent modern obelisk in Washington, D.C., which stands over 555 feet high and features an observatory at the 500-foot level which is reached by interior elevator and stairs. Completed in 1884, it is one of the world’s great monuments.

In January 1943, Emil Loring attempts to destroy the Washington Monument and other world-famous landmarks, but his mad scheme is thwarted by Superman (Act No. 56: “Design for Doom!”).

In July 1954, the Washington Monument is stolen, along with other world-famous monuments, by the Kryptonian villain Mala as part of his elaborate scheme to wreak vengeance on Superman by destroying the planet Earth (Act No. 194: “The Outlaws from Krypton!”).

In February 1965, the Four Galactic Thiefmasters soar over Washington, D.C., in their “weird space-ship” and uproot the Washington Monument from its foundations by means of a powerful “lifting-beam.” Superman recovers the stolen monument and pursues the Four Galactic Thiefmasters into outer space, unaware that the theft of the monument and the thieves' apparent flight to avoid capture are all part of the villains' heinous scheme to lure him into a diabolical “red-sun trap” (Act No. 321: “Superman...Weakest Man in the World!”)(TGSB). (See also Thorones)

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