The Rainbow Raider

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The Rainbow Raider

The Rainbow Raider. Art by Curt Swan and Stan Kaye, 1960.

A costumed thief who has repeatedly robbed various Smallville businesses. Over the years, both Ma and Pa Kent have masqueraded as the Rainbow Raider (SB No. 84/2, Oct 1960: "The Rainbow Raider!"; and others).

While preparing for the Smallville "Mystery-Costume Charity Ball", Martha Kent discovers the costume of the Rainbow Raider in her attic and is determined to wear it to the Ball. At the same moment, jewel-thief Vic Munster is released from prison and hatches a scheme to use his own Rainbow Raider costume to rob the event. When Ma Kent mistakenly makes off with the cash box intended for Munster, Superboy uses his super-speed to substitute Munster for Ma Kent and then alerts the police to the scam (SB No. 164/2, Apr 1970: "The Revolt of Ma Kent!").

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