The Mechanical Master

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Superboy battles the Mechanical Master, 1979

The Mechanical Master

A costumed criminal that Superboy encounters in a 1979 chronicle.

The Mechanical Master first encounters Superboy when the criminal begins a series of robberies in and around the towns of Centerville and Smallville. The Mechanical Master and his assistant Martin use a wide variety of gimmicked devices (such as robot mailboxes, oversized telephones, man-eating cars, giant tornado generating egg-beaters, etc.) to rob the Centerville Savings and Loan, the Smallville Electronics, Co., and the Smallville Jewelry Exchange. Though easily defeated by the Boy of Steel at first, the Mechanical Master later attempts a three-pronged attack on Smallville, theorizing that Superboy could not possibly be in three places at once. With the timely arrival of Krypto, Superboy is able to handily defeat the Master of Machines and his accomplice before too much damage can be done (SF No. 193/1, Feb 1979: "The Menace of the Mechanical Master!").

The Mechanical Master that Superboy encounters in this tale should not be confused with the identity of the Mechano-Master that Lex Luthor employs in a 1967 chronicle (SB No. 135/1, Jan 1967: "The Menace of the Mechano-Master").

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