The Global Guardians

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The Global Guardians

The Global Guardians, 1982

An international group of superheroes led by the extremely powerful 11,000 year old East African mystic known as Doctor Mist.

The Global Guardians come together to help Doctor Mist and Superman oppose a plot by the spirit of the ancient Atlantean wizard Thaumar Dhai and seven other evil mages from around the globe to obtain various of Dhai's personal effects which, when brought together, can restore Dhai to life.

In the course of one night, Superman (at the behest of Doctor Mist) assists in succession the Seraph against both Ashtoreth and Moloch in Israel, the Olympian against Echidne in Greece, the Little Mermaid against Sotrold the Sea-Troll in the undersea ruins of an Atlantean city off the coast of Denmark, Jack O'Lantern against Dubh Magus in Ireland, the Green Fury against El Dorado in Brazil and Rising Sun against Yuki-Onna the Snow-Woman in Japan.

The superheroes and villainous sorcerers finally converge on Easter Island for a grand battle. When the heroes emerge victorious, Doctor Mist appears to them in a vision to proclaim--"This will not be the last time I call upon you--or others like you--to battle the forces of evil! There are many such heroes around the world--and I give you and them a new name--the Global Guardians!" (DCCP No. 46, Jun 1982: "The Wizard Who Wouldn't Stay Dead!")

(see also The Club of Heroes)

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