The Emerald Empress

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The Emerald Empress

Sarya, the outlaw ruler of the planet Vengar.

The Emerald Empress possesses the Emerald Eye of Ekron, a floating sphere with "nearly unlimited power" that she discovers hidden in crypt built by "the long-dead Ekron civilization" and uses to make herself a tyrant. Exiled after her subjects rebel, the Empress becomes a criminal to raise an army and return home. She eventually is recruited by the Legion of Super-Heroes to battle the Sun-Eater and as a consequence of meeting several other criminals during this endeavor, becomes a founding member of the Fatal Five (Adv No. 352/1, Jan 1967: "The Fatal Five"; Adv No. 353, Feb 1967: "The Doomed Legionnaire!").

Despite an initial attraction to Superboy, the Emerald Empress is a sworn enemy of the Legion.

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