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The Council

The Council is a super-secret organization dedicated to controlling the world's exchange of information. They maintain a hidden headquarters at the bottom of Lake Michigan near Chicago, from which they launch their various campaigns against the business world. Headed by a mysterious hooded figure known only as the Director, the Council is governed by a collective of high-level businessmen who keep in touch through means of a wide-range of sophisticated communications equipment. Their agents to date include the mobile robot-manufacturing entity called Matrix-Prime, the superpowerful band of thugs known as the Gang, the atomically-powered villain Reactron, and Lake Shore University's Professor Drake.

During their first recorded appearance, the Council intends to accomplish its goals through the means of a sophisticated satellite they plan to launch into orbit around the Earth. These plans are thwarted by Supergirl, who invades the underwater complex and puts it out of commission.

The Council values secrecy above all else and does all it can to avoid attracting attention to itself. Thus, as of this writing, the world at large is generally unaware of the Council's existence (DNAS No. 3, Jan 1983: "Decay Day!").

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