The Cosmic Brain

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The Cosmic Brain of the Future

The Cosmic Brain commands! Art by Curt Swan and Ray Burnley, 1957.

Alias adopted by Jimmy Olsen after he is given super-powers--including telepathy, enhanced cognitive ability, super-senses on a similar scale to those of Superman, the ability to generate anti-gravity rays and kryptonite vision--and an enlarged, bald cranium by Professor Potter's invention, the evolution accelerator. The Cosmic Brain has a cold, detached manner in sharp contrast to Jimmy's usual chipper demeanor. After demonstrating his powers to Perry White, Lois Lane and Professor Potter, the Cosmic Brain coerces Superman into doing his bidding by blackmailing the Man of Steel with a threat to reveal the telepathically-discovered secret of his dual identity as Clark Kent. Superman performs certain super-feats for the Cosmic Brain and ultimately discovers that these actions were commanded by the Cosmic Brain in order to prevent the far-future destruction of the Earth. The effects of the evolution accelerator wear off, leaving Jimmy with no memory of his time as the Cosmic Brain or Superman's secret identity (SPJO No. 22/3, Aug 1957: "The Super-Brain of Jimmy Olsen").

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