Telepathic Hounds

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Telepathic Hounds


The “strange beasts,” yellow in color, with tails like wolves and snouts like wild boars, “that can locate people at any distance by reading their minds to learn where they are” (S No. 158, Jan 1963: “Superman in Kandor” pts. I-III—”Invasion of the Mystery Super-Men!”; “The Dynamic Duo of Kandor!”; “The City of Super-People!”; and others). The telepathic hounds live in the bottle city of Kandor. Telepathic hounds pursue Superman and Jimmy Olsen when they journey to Kandor to uncover the reason behind the invasion of Earth by some Kandorian citizens. It is revealed that lead caps shield the thoughts of people from the hounds.

The telepathic hound Nighthound serves Superman faithfully in another adventure in Kandor (WF No. 143, Aug 1964: "The Feud Between Batman and Superman!").

Superman borrows two telepathic hounds from the Kandorian authorities in an attempt to track down Batman and Robin's secret identities (after his mind was cleared of this information by an amnesia machine). Foiling this attempt, Batman records his brain waves on an EEG machine and the hounds lead Superman to the recording that is planted in his own apartment (WF No. 149, May 1965: "The Game of Secret Identities").

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