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Superboy Revenge Squad while related by theme and name, is not really the same group, so why is it being re-directed here?

Please see the following comics:

  • Superboy No. 94, Jan 1962: "The Superboy Revenge Squad"
  • Superboy No. 114, Jul 1964: "The Raid from the Phantom Zone!"
  • Superboy No. 114, Jul 1964: "Farewell to Planet Earth!"
  • Superboy No. 118, Jan 1965: "The War Between Superboy and Krypto!"
  • Adventure Comics No. 456, Mar 1978: "This Power...This Responsibility!"
  • New Adventures of Superboy No. 32, Aug 1982: "Save Superboy or Die!"
  • New Adventures of Superboy No. 33, Sep 1982: "Kill Superboy and Conquer!"
  • New Adventures of Superboy No. 53, May 1984: "To Slay A Superboy!"
  • New Adventures of Superboy No. 54, Jun 1984: "Dumbbell That Saved the Earth!"

also see:

I kinda agree with that, except that the SuperMAN Revenge Squad, grew out of the SuperBOY Revenge Squad. Therefore, it kinda makes sense. However, there really ought to be two separate entries, with links between the two, similar to the Superman and Superboy entries themselves.--Manomight1974 2 October 2008, 21:25 PM (EST)

There is a continuity, again, every entry can't be separated by encounters with Superboy, for example Lana young vs. Lana adult, the adult legion and the earlier legion. Info added here about the Superboy Revenge Squad would be fine. There is no hard mark for these things. Superboy is practically the only entry that has that separation. More entries is not always better. New entries about Superboy are welcome but splitting entries so that people have to click twice is not really making the encyclopedia easier to read at all. There is really no bias against Superboy here but splitting entries based on time could go on forever. --MatterEaterLad 04:39, 3 October 2008 (UTC)

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