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"Also unlike the Earth-1 Luthor, Alexei appears to never have lost his full head of red hair."

In Action Comics 47 (1942) Luthor is completely Bald. When is the publication date for the Earth-2 cutoff? Is 1942 considered E-2 or post E-2?

Macduff 20:07, 21 Oct 2005 (EDT)

I kept trying to tell people is there no legit cut off date, since the Earth-2 Superman and the actual Golden Age Superman are two different characters.

The 1st appearance of Superman of Earth-2 was JLA No. 73, so we should only go by what happens to him from that point on, not before. In other words, unless the story states it is happening on Earth-2 then we should not treat it as such no matter what year that issue was published.

-Super Monkey

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