Susan Semple

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A switchboard operator at the Daily Planet who daydreams continually of a love affair with Superman and who becomes temporarily endowed with an extraordinary array of mind-boggling mental powers—including telepathy, telekinesis, and extrasensory perception—when "a strange experiment" in the laboratory of Professor Weirton gives her "powers that the human race won't acquire for hundreds of eons," thereby transforming her into the virtual super-powered equal of Superman.

Knowing that her powers will vanish in twenty-four hours, and determined to use them to fulfill her long-held dream of marriage to Superman, Susan reads Superman's mind to learn his secret identity and, by threatening to reveal it to the world, finally persuades the Man of Steel that he has no choice but to marry her. As the time for the wedding ceremony—as well as the twenty-four-hour deadline—draws near, however, Superman tricks Susan into miscalculating exactly how long her powers will last, with the result that Susan collapses in a faint in the midst of the ceremony, bereft of her special mental powers as well as her knowledge of Superman's identity (Act No. 163, Dec 1951: "The Girl of Tomorrow").

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