Superman of Earth-A

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Superman of Earth-A

In an historical twist of events in the universe of Earth-1, Baby Kal-El is switched with a blond-haired child immediately before Krypton explodes, and a rocket with this baby rather than Kal-El makes its way to what is now known as Earth-A. The child is found and raised by Ma and Pa Jones and named Ripper Jones. He grows up to become the world's greatest super villain, Superman of Earth-A!

The existence of this being is the result of an alternative timeline produced by the villainous Earth-1 counterpart of Earth-2's heroic Johnny Thunder. The Earth-A Superman is a member of the Lawless League, an evil analogue to Earth-1's Justice League of America. The Lawless League are soon confronted by the JLA's allies, the Earth-2 superhero team known as the Justice Society of America.

Superman of Earth-A battles and is defeated by JSA member and powerful sorcerer Doctor Fate, due to having the same vulnerability to magic as Superman (Justice League of America No. 37, Aug 1965: "Earth--Without a Justice League!"; "Justice League of America No. 38, Sep 1965: "Crisis on Earth-A!").

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