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Superman (of Earth-2)

An alternate Superman from Earth-2: a "co-existing world in a parallel dimension—not identical, but similar to its twin in many respects" (first appearance: Justice League of America No. 73, Aug 1969: "Star Light, Star Bright -- Death Star I See Tonight!" and referred to earlier in the Justice League of America chronicles - though some texts claim Action Comics No. 1, June 1938 as this character's first appearance - see note below). The Earth-2 Superman's powers are the result of his Kryptonian birth, his power of flight being limited to very long leaps (at least in the beginning). This Superman lives a life similar if not identical to what is referred to later storied as the "Golden Age" Superman, in the city of Metropolis with a secret mountain retreat located outside the city known as The Secret Citadel (Act No. 484, Jun 1978: "Superman Takes a Wife!"; and others). Kal-L is a founding member of the Justice Society of America, but he elects to remain a reservist for the first several years of the team's existence (DC Special No. 29, Aug/Sep 1977: "The Untold Origin of the Justice Society"; and others). Superman is a close friend and ally of the Batman of Earth-2 (SF No. 211/2, Oct 1981: "The Kill Kent Contract!"; and others). He eventually marries Lois Lane (Act No. 484, Jun 1978: "Superman Takes a Wife!").

By January-February 1976, Superman of Earth-2 finds a spacecraft, which turns out to be from his home planet of Krypton. This spacecraft was built and sent by Kal-L's uncle, Zor-L, and contains his long-lost cousin, Kara Zor-L. Superman educates and trains Kara Zor-L in the use of her super-powers and she ultimately became the superheroine known as Power Girl (Earth-2's equivalent of Supergirl) (All-Star Comics No. 58, "All Star Super Squad"; and others). The significantly older Superman goes into semi-retirement after Power Girl's arrival on the scene.

Clark Kent is promoted from senior reporter to editor-in-chief of the Daily Star in the early 1950's when George Taylor retires. Kent is promoted to this post over Perry White (SF No. 196/5, Jul/Aug 1979: "Editor of the Star!").

In 1982, Kal-L assists his Earth-1 counterpart in preventing Alexei Luthor, Lex Luthor, and Ultraman from annihilating both Earth-1 and Earth-2. The two Supermen are aided in their battle against the three villains by Alexander Luthor of Earth-3 in his first outing as a superhero (DCCPA No. 1: "Crisis on Three Earths!").

(Note: The Earth-2 Superman is similar in many respects to Superman as presented in the early chronicles. First introduced as a distinct character in Superman's own chronicles in the 1970s, the existence of this Superman postulates a historical divergence from the events as presented in the middle and later chronicles. Some are then said to have occurred to the Earth-1 Superman.)

[see Parallel-Worlds]

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