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The Superman Stock Company

A company organized by Superman in January 1956, ostensibly as a means of rewarding Metropolis's “model citizens” by allowing them to share in the proceeds (i.e., reward money and other income) of Superman’s crime-fighting activities, but in reality as part of an elaborate scheme, devised in cooperation with agent Barclay of the US Treasury Department, for tricking three prominent retired businessmen, all of them secret partners in a notorious Metropolis crime syndicate, into revealing the whereabouts of a hidden cache of ill-gotten loot. When the ruse finally succeeds, the Superman Stock Company is dissolved, and the three rackets czars, Henry Drebbin, Edward Jorgens, and Paul Quillan, are placed under arrest by T-man Barclay (S No. 102: “Superman for Sale!”). (TGSB)

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