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Superman Land


Superman Land

"The most colossal, super stupendous amusement park in the world," a "Unique amusement park devoted to the exploits of a fabulous hero", Superman.

The park, which opened to an enthusiastic public in November 1955, includes such varied attractions as:

  • A gigantic statue of Superman standing guard over the main entrance, holding aloft a giant globe emblazoned with the park's name, "Superman Land".
  • A fabulous "rocket room," where 3-D movie films and other special effects enable youngsters to experience the thrill of a make-believe journey through outer-space to the planet Krypton.

Audiences board the "Krypton-Earth Express" and are guided through the take-off, a meteor swarm, and other outer-space adventures like the "Sargasso Sea of Space," until finally a planet of "unearthly beauty seems to loom before them..." The rocket ship begins to land...

  • A Superman Super-Powers building, where papier-maché barbells and X-ray special effects enable visitors to experience the thrill of simulated super-strength and X-ray vision.
  • A Super-Shooting Gallery, where youngsters can fire guns and bows and arrows at a steel Superman dummy.
  • A Superman Cartoon Festival Movie Theater, featuring Superman cartoons.
  • A Superman Hall of Trophies: Here, youngsters can purchase Superman costumes and other super-souvenirs, and a chunk of imitation kryptonite is handed out free with every purchase.
  • A Superman Land Post Office: Here, visitors can post letters stamped with a distinctive Superman stamp and canceled with a special Superman cancellation.
  • A Super-Sized Stadium where audiences can thrill to a colossal spectacle: A live re-creation of the destruction of Krypton.
  • A Superman Merry-Go-Round, equipped with models of Superman in place of horses, so that youngsters can pretend to soar through the air atop a flying Superman (Act No. 210, Nov 1955: "Superman in Superman Land!"). (TGSB)
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