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Superman-Red and Superman-Blue

Sensational events ensue when the malfunctioning of a complex “brain-evolution machine” in the Fortress of Solitude accidentally transforms Superman into two identical super beings, one clad in a blue costume and the other in a red one, each endowed with a super-intellect 100 times as powerful as the original.

Armed with their vastly increased super-powers, the two benevolent Supermen, referred to as Superman-Blue and Superman-Red, set out to fulfill many deeds of importance: together the two Supermen re-create the exploded planet Krypton to its last topographical detail; alter the atomic structure of Kryptonite, rendering it harmless to Kryptonians; enlarge the bottle city of Kandor; provide a water-world home in outer space for Lori Lemaris and the other Atlantean mer-people; and bring about the total eradication of crime, warfare, and evil by flooding the Earth with a potent “anti-evil ray” of their own invention.

Now with these and other great tasks complete, Superman-Blue and Superman-Red marry Lana Lang and Lois Lane respectively and settle down to lives of wedded bliss on Earth ("Blue") and Krypton ("Red") (S No. 162: “The Amazing Story of Superman-Red and Superman-Blue!").

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