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Super-Sons (of Earth-E)

The name given to the team of Superman Jr. and Batman Jr. (WF No. 215, Dec 1972/Jan 1973: "Saga of the Super Sons!"; and others).


In October 1975, the Super-Sons visit the town of Belton in the course of their travels and encounter Big Sister Sybil (WF No. 233: "World without Men").

An earlier story featuring the Super-Sons is possibly one of many Superman Imaginary Stories, though it is not stated as such. In this account, Superman takes away his son's powers using Gold Kryptonite and restores them using Kryptonian bracelets from Kandor (Act No. 391, Aug 1970: "The Punishment of Superman's Son!"; Act No. 392, Sep 1970: "The Shame of the Super-Son!").

The Super-Sons Saga

  • WF No. 215, Dec 1972/Jan 1973: "Saga of the Super Sons!"
  • WF No. 216, Feb/Mar 1973: "Little Town with a Big Secret!"
  • WF No. 221, Jan/Feb 1974: "Cry Not for My Forsaken Son!"
  • WF No. 222, Mar/Apr 1974: "Evil in Paradise"
  • WF No. 224, Jul/Aug 1974: "The Shocking Switch of the Super-Sons"
  • WF No. 228, Mar 1975: "Crown for a New Batman"
  • WF No. 231, Jul 1975: "Hero Is a Dirty Name"
  • WF No. 233, Oct 1975: "World without Men"
  • WF No. 238, Jun 1976: "The Angel with a Dirty Name"
  • WF No. 242, Dec 1976: "Town of the Timeless Killers"
  • WF No. 263, Jun/Jul 1980: "The Final Secret of the Super-Sons"

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