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Stone Boy

Stone Boy (Dag Wentin), from the planet Zwen, inherits the ability to turn parts of his body to petrified rock, mainly as an adaptation for hibernating during long, cold nights on his native world. Stone Boy tries to gain membership into the Legion of Super-Heroes but is rejected due to his powers being consider too static to accomplish anything positive.

Stone Boy's unique power, however admits him to the Legion of Substitute Heroes (Adv No. 306, Mar 1963: "The Legion of Substitute Heroes"), but is also somewhat unidimensional, for example as shown when Cosmic King easily defeats him by quickly transforming Stone Boy's rock fist to his own jaw in a battle. (Adv No. 331, Apr 1965: "The Triumph of the Legion of Super-Villains!")

After winning a contest, he is awarded membership into the Legion of Super-Heroes, but he refuses it so he can stay with his friends in the Legion of Substitute Heroes (Adv No. 315, Dec 1963: "The Legionnaire's Super-Contest!" & "The Winner of the Super-Tests!").

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