Star of Cathay

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"The world's most valuable diamond." A huge jewel associated with Kublai Khan. "It is said that any descendent of the conqueror, Genghis Khan, who possesses this mystic gem, will rule all Asia."

When Jimmy Olsen photographs the Star of Cathay at the Metropolis Museum, he passes out and awakens in the middle of a battle where his compatriots hail him as Marco Polo. Assuming the identity of Marco, Jimmy engages in several battles with the minions of Lord Timur, a rival of Kublai Khan, over the possession of the Star. On the point of death, Jimmy is once again exposed to the Star, whereupon he finds himself mysteriously transported back to the Metropolis Museum, confined within the glass case containing the Star of Cathay (SPJO No. 157/1, Mar 1973: "The Strange Second Life of Jimmy Olsen!").

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