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23:16, 29 April 2005116 4 165.jpg (file)66 KBKlar Ken T5477 (Circe changes Superman)1
14:27, 24 March 2005Sman62.jpg (file)67 KBKlar Ken T5477 (Orson)1
17:54, 15 March 2005Superman199.jpg (file)78 KBKlar Ken T5477 (Superman's First race with The Flash! )1
18:12, 10 March 2005WW1.jpg (file)35 KBKlar Ken T5477 (WW)1
03:07, 9 March 2005Ann4a3.jpg (file)139 KBKlar Ken T5477 (King Krypton)1
22:37, 8 March 2005Ultra Boy.gif (file)212 KBKlar Ken T5477 (The Origin of Ultra Boy)1
05:29, 8 March 2005Parallel Worlds.gif (file)81 KBKlar Ken T5477 (Parallel Worlds by Hamilton, Swan & Klein)1
15:08, 7 March 2005JO&Newsboy Legion.jpg (file)133 KBKlar Ken T5477 (Jimmy Olsen, Superman & the newsboy Legion)1
17:13, 2 March 2005Sman 2.jpg (file)178 KBKlar Ken T5477 (Little Leaguer!)1
17:11, 2 March 2005Sman 1.jpg (file)201 KBKlar Ken T5477 (from "Superman's Day of Doom" Art by Curt Swan & Geo. Klein )1
15:39, 27 February 2005Sgirl Liberty.jpg (file)17 KBKlar Ken T5477 (Statue of Liberty and Supergirl)1
06:10, 27 February 2005Clark Boring.gif (file)21 KBKlar Ken T5477 (Clark Kent into Superman by artist Wayne Boring)1
15:21, 25 February 2005Adult Legion.jpg (file)92 KBKlar Ken T5477 (Adult Legion)1
05:26, 25 February 2005S Heroes.gif (file)102 KBKlar Ken T5477 (Inside Luthor's Lair: Hero Worship)1
05:06, 25 February 2005SVow.gif (file)43 KBKlar Ken T5477 (Luthor's Vow art by Curt swan)1
04:36, 25 February 2005Terra Man Sman249.jpg (file)81 KBKlar Ken T5477 (Terra Man's first appearance Superman 249 Art by Neal Adams)1
18:40, 24 February 2005Superboy53.jpg (file)84 KBKlar Ken T5477 (Superboy 53 art by Curt Swan)1
16:03, 24 February 2005Lori Lemaris.gif (file)59 KBKlar Ken T5477 (Lori Lemaris by artist Wayne Boring)1
15:52, 24 February 2005Lyla Lerrol.gif (file)35 KBKlar Ken T5477 (Lyla Lerrol by artist Wayne Boring)1
14:32, 23 February 2005Superboy147 featuring the Legion of Super Heroes.jpg (file)108 KBKlar Ken T5477 (Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes)1
04:10, 23 February 2005Luma Lynai.jpg (file)90 KBKlar Ken T5477 (Luma Lynai)1
03:45, 23 February 2005Lois Lane 21.jpg (file)69 KBKlar Ken T5477 (Lois Lane 21 Battle Royale!)1
03:18, 23 February 2005Superman 167.jpg (file)86 KBKlar Ken T5477 (Superman 167 by artists Curt Swan & Geo. Klein)1
01:34, 22 February 2005Olsen Robin team.jpg (file)91 KBKlar Ken T5477 (The Olsen-Robin Team)1
04:00, 21 February 2005Titano, Superman & Daily Planet.jpg (file)105 KBKlar Ken T5477 (Titano)1
03:45, 21 February 2005Planet Bldg.jpg (file)11 KBKlar Ken T5477 (The Daily Planet building Fleischer style )1
00:09, 20 February 2005Luthor.jpg (file)29 KBKlar Ken T5477 (Lex Luthor menaces Superman!)1
23:47, 19 February 2005Jor-El.jpg (file)26 KBKlar Ken T5477 (Jor-El)1
17:49, 19 February 2005Clark Kent.jpg (file)11 KBKlar Ken T5477 (Clark Kent art by the Flesicher Studios)1
14:46, 19 February 2005Pete Ross.jpg (file)11 KBKlar Ken T5477 (Pete Ross by artists Curt Swan and Jack Abel)1
14:42, 19 February 2005Perry White.jpg (file)28 KBKlar Ken T5477 (Perry White and Jimmy Olsen by artist Curt Swan)1
14:21, 19 February 2005World of Krypton.jpg (file)163 KBKlar Ken T5477 (The marriage of Jor-El and Lara)1
14:11, 19 February 2005Jor-El and Lara.jpg (file)28 KBKlar Ken T5477 (Jor-El and his wife Lara)1
02:39, 19 February 2005Superboy.jpg (file)118 KBKlar Ken T5477 (The Origin of Superboy! from More Fun Comic)1
18:09, 16 February 2005Krypton003.jpg (file)142 KBKlar Ken T5477 (End of Krypton from the very first "Superman" TV episode "Superman on Earth" 1951 )1
18:08, 16 February 2005Krypton002.jpg (file)121 KBKlar Ken T5477 (End of Krypton from the "Superman" serial Columbia Pictures)1
18:07, 16 February 2005Krypton001.jpg (file)100 KBKlar Ken T5477 (The end of Krypton "Superman" animated film The Fleischer Studio)1
17:56, 16 February 2005Metropolis2966a.jpg (file)36 KBKlar Ken T5477 (Superman 2966 future Metropolis )1
18:23, 13 February 2005LoisLane-Shuster-1.jpg (file)24 KBKlar Ken T5477 (Lois Lane by Joe Shuster)1
18:37, 12 February 2005Super pastel Shuster.jpg (file)23 KBKlar Ken T5477 (Superman pastel by Joe Shuster)1

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